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straight osteotome straight osteotome - MaTrix™


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MaTrix™ osteotomes reveal the necessity of inserting the systems in the low bone density areas.
They are divided into extension instruments and compacting instruments. The extensors allow the performance of ridge extension thus obtaining an increase of the bone plate, compactors being concavely sharpened additionally to the compacted bone, thus allowing its vertical raising, thus proving very useful in the technique of raising the maxillary sinus.


MaTrix™ osteotomes are made of grade 5 titanium with coloured code. They are supplied UNSTERILIZED, therefore they must be sterilized before use following the indications mentioned in the reference norm EN 13060 1-2-3-4. We recommend sterilizing them with the saturated steam autoclave under pressure at 134°C - 2 atmospheres. 10 minutes: time is calculated from the moment when the indicated temperature and pressure values are reached.

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