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In-house development
The automated electrophoresis unit MAESTRO 101 is a new development from BIOTEC-FISCHER, utilising the most modern technology. The MAESTRO 101 is designed for a long operational life and safe, reliable, problem-free use during hard, continuous operation.

Compact, robust and low-maintenance
The MAESTRO operates with a compact, robust and extremely reliable mechanism, which is confined to a minimum of moving parts. This makes the MAESTRO 101 compact in its dimensions. Maintenance costs for the user are minimised. All relevant components are easily accessible and easy to clean.

Different methods
The most commonly used electrophoresis methods can be carried out with the MAESTRO 101: serum proteins, lipoproteins, alc.Hemoglobins and urines.

The MAESTRO 101 requires only a small amount of consumable material per run, making it very economical to use. The MAESTRO 101 processes the development of 8 samples automatically within approx. 50 minutes.

Easy to operate
The MAESTRO 101 can be easily and safely operated. All necessary instructions are given via the display, where current status is also displayed. The required method can be selected and started up with a simple use of electronical potentiometer. Patients' data and corrections are entered via an external TurboScan Densitometer system.