trolley-mounted IPL system / hair removal



  • Ergonomics:


  • Application:

    hair removal


The Worlds Most Advanced and Versatile Laser and CPL light platform that does it all!

The new Xlase Plus is a versatile platform that offers treatments for multiple applications without investing in multiple laser systems.

The systems modular applicators are designed to offer effective and reliable results with minimal patient discomfort and downtime. No single device will do more than Xlase Plus.

The device includes the CPL (Calibrated Pulsed Light) hair removal system, the YAG laser source with long and short pulse, the dual frequency Qswitched YAG module, the 810nm and 760nm laser diode and the Erbium YAG laser.

Device available in the standing and table-top version, for easy transport.


• Wrinkles
• Epilation
• Onychomycosis
• Pigmented Lesions
• Acne
• Tattoos Removal
• Hyperhidrosis
• Vascular Lesions