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volume measurement device volume measurement device - AcuVol™


Composite Volume Shrinkage Test
The AcuVol is a video imaging technique allowing comparison of volumes of the composite before and after cure (shrinkage). Small samples (~15µl) of composite material are placed within the AcuVol and cured from the top. Images are generated which simultaneously show the sample before and after cure. The relative volume change (shrinkage) is determined and recorded.

Measure volumetric change resulting from cure of a polymetric composite using video imaging.
• Measure volumetric change of a small sample size (~15µl) with a repeatability of 0.1%
• Space saving tabletop instrument
• Shrinkage results in 5-10 minutes
• Presents images before, during and after cure
• The AcuVol software creates various options for display of the digital image of the sample and volumetric change readings
• No mercury mess

AcuVol Complete Kit
• 1 AcuVol Unit, 1 Computer Unit
• 1 ea. Monitor
• Keyboard and Mouse
• 1 Day Training Session at BISCO Headquarters
• User Manual
• Instructional CD

AcuVol Basic Kit
• 1 AcuVol Unit
• 1 Computer Unit
• User Manual
• Instructional CD

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