RF body contouring skin care unit / electroporation



  • Treatment:

    RF body contouring, electroporation


Electroporation + Radiofrequency

Three-dimensional combined technology for an extremely effective action in order to achieve surprising results in total safety for beauticians and clients. During the treatments cosmetics delivery and subcutaneous heat can be combined.

IntraDerma® 3D Hologram is the new multifunctional platform designed for beauticians who want to have the best technologies in a single device. The heads are interchangeable in order to treat face and body with a single handpiece that acts in a tridimensional way.

Improvement of the dermo-epidermal laxity of face, neck and décolleté
Attenuation of superficial and deep wrinkles
Bio-revitalization of areas subject to aging and structural failure
Toning of body areas such as inner arms / thighs, abdomen, buttocks, knees
Stretch marks
Improvement of cellulite by leveling nodules and unsightly holes
Microcirculation improvement

Temperature control in real time
Handpiece that reaches a tridimensional and simultaneous multiple penetration depth
Reduction of treatment time (about 40%) compared to the main devices on the market
Delivery of any product, even pure
Easily sanitized electroporation handpieces
Handpieces with interchangeable heads
Electroporation handpieces equipped with a patented micrometic net that allows a homogeneous conveying of the product
Disposable or harmonic steel mass plates, adaptable to most of the patient’s anatomical areas
Intuitive software