face positioning cushion / pelvic positioning / chest positioning / support
bodyCushion™ BC210



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    face positioning, pelvic positioning, chest positioning, support

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“Such creativity! … Being narrower allows more room for arms on the table top. … A fully movable face rest that slides side to side … and a price my students can easily afford.” - JoAnne, Family Massage Center

Body Support Systems is excited to introduce a new version of the Original bodyCushion™ for 2017! Lighter weight, with eco-friendly foam that comes with a 3-year warranty - this model makes an ideal first investment for the student or new therapist, and may serve home users very well.

3-Piece bodyCushion2™ includes:

Face Support
Chest Support
Pelvic Support
Face Crescent Cotton Cover
3-Year Vinyl Warranty
3-Year Foam Warranty
Differences between the 3-Piece bodyCushion2™ and the 3-Piece Original bodyCushion™:

The bodyCushion2™ is manufactured in Tan, to differentiate it from the Slate-Blue Original bodyCushion™.
The bodyCushion2™ is 2 inches narrower than the Original bodyCushion™.
Side handles of the Original bodyCushion™ are not present in the bodyCushion2™.
A single loop attaches the Face Support to the Chest Support.
The durable, comfortable, long-lasting foam of the bodyCushion2™ comes with a 3-year warranty, while the foam in the Original bodyCushion™ is covered by a lifetime warranty