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infra-patellar knee strap



  • Type:

    infra-patellar knee strap


✔ WHEN TO USE: The SUBTENO black knee support bandage for men and for women provides optimal patella support for many different knee problems whether caused by inflammation, overload or some other cause. It also helps to relieve knee pain caused by conditions such as patellar tip syndrome, patellar tendon inflammation, tendinitis and runner’s or jumper’s knee. The patella band can be worn daily and when doing sports such as running or hiking or fitness at the gym.

✔ KNEE PROTECTION: The ladies and mens knee brace helps to stabilize the knee by means of targeted pressure under the kneecap. It helps to keep the knee in an optimal position and also reduces pressure on the patella tendon. A shock-absorbing gel pad that moulds to the shape of the knee is built into the lightweight knee support strap. The gentle pressure of the pad massages and stimulates the patella tendon area and provides supportive protection.