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wrist orthosis

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wrist orthosis wrist orthosis - Reno


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    wrist orthosis


✔ WHEN TO USE: The wrist support bandage supports your wrist when exercising, working in the office on laptop or computer and during everyday life. It helps stabilize your wrist and alleviate the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or arthritis. The adjustable wrist support is also helpful when typing on your PC and helps reduce pain caused by overloading your hand on the mouse or keyboard.
✔ WRIST SUPPORT: The RENO wrist support brace is fitted with a metal splint underneath the wrist. This splint ensures that your wrist is supported perfectly and can be removed depending on the amount of support you require. The wrist stabilizer can be worn on either the left or right hand.
✔ COMFORT: The bonmedico wrist brace splint is extremely comfortable to wear. It is easy and quick to put on and can be fitted without external help. Thumb holes on both sides enable flexible positioning. Two adjustable straps with Velcro fasteners allow you to determine the amount of compression and support at any time. Your fingers can move freely when wearing this elastic wrist support.

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