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thumb orthosis
Forte Bonmedico

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thumb orthosis thumb orthosis - Forte


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    thumb orthosis


✔ APPLICATION: The Bonmedico® Forte thumb brace for stabilisation of the metacarpophalangeal joints and treatment or prevention of discomfort associated with manual or semi-joint osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, sprains, strains, soft tissue injuries, or so-called “skier’s thumb.” For fast relief and protection against pain from occupational and sports-related injuries.

✔ THUMB PROTECTION: Stabilises the metacarpophalangeal joint and provides active support, protecting the thumb joint from overuse. Heat retention and gentle compression soothe and relax tired joints. Thumb range-of-motion is limited to protect thumb joint from painful hyperextension and other extreme movements. Three adjustable straps help ensure an optimal fit and avoid slippage.

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