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elbow sleeve

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elbow sleeve elbow sleeve - Farko


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    elbow sleeve


✔ : SIZING: Please measure your elbow before ordering the compression brace and choose the correct size according to the size chart pictured above.

✔ PROTECTION: Your arms and elbows are vulnerable to injury during sports activities; tennis and golf elbow are common injuries. The arm brace eases pain quickly and supports recovery. The special knit fabric of the compression brace increases blood circulation and speeds up healing of bruises and oedemas. Arthritis and tendonitis pain can also be substantially relieved.

✔ HOW TO USE: The elbow compression sleeve is simple to put on. The elastic material is easily stretched into place over your elbow by yourself. The arm protection will not slip and gives full support to your elbow and arm. It is suitable for both men and women and can be worn on either arm.