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epicondylitis strap

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epicondylitis strap epicondylitis strap - Teno


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    epicondylitis strap


✔ HOW TO USE: The adjustable elbow support bandage is the perfect protection for your joints if you suffer from tennis elbow or golfer elbow. The sport and fitness strap protects you during sports, in everyday life or at work. The magnetic balls of the elbow brace help to relieve elbow pain. The compression support is particularly useful in cases of bursitis, muscle strains and other injuries. The tennis elbow strap and golfers elbow brace also helps relieve chronic inflammation and pain.

✔ ELBOW PROTECTION: The tennis elbow brace stabilises the lateral upper arm muscles/tendons and is the perfect joint protector for fitness and sports. The integrated gel pad of the golfers elbow strap adapts to the elbow and distributes the pressure across the tendons. The elbow strap massages and stimulates the upper arm using pads and magnetic balls and thereby supports the healing process. The elbow support for women and men act as an orthopaedic brace.