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seat cushion / coccyx positioning / lumbar support / foam



  • Type:

    seat, coccyx positioning, lumbar support

  • Material:

    foam, gel

  • Other characteristics:

    anatomical, memory


✔ PAIN RELIEVING: Provides immediate pain relief for the spine and buttock by shifting the tailbone when sitting and aligning the spine for healthy posture. Exceptional lumbar support for the treatment of coccyx injury, sciatica, hemorrhoids, and pressure sores. Unlike other big cushions, the Bonmedico® Orthopedic Seat Cushion promotes good blood circulation, especially during long periods of sitting.

✔ HIGH-TECH: Innovative gel / memory foam hybrid. Ergonomic design features a contoured compact viscoelastic memory foam core with a cooling gel layer on top. Measures 19 x 3.75 x 14.2 in.

✔ VERSATILE: Other extra large cushions can be bulky and difficult to manage, but the Bonmedico® Orthopedic Seat Cushion can be used anywhere. Perfect for wheelchair, office chair or dining chair. Also suitable for vehicle, plane, and train travel.

✔ COMFORTABLE: The memory foam coccyx cushion has a convenient carrying handle. Its VELOUR COVER is removable.