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neck support pillow / head positioning / medical / foam



  • Type:

    neck support, head positioning

  • Applications:


  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    rectangular, memory


✔ ORTHOPAEDIC: A contour memory foam pillow for head and neck support is the best solution for side and back sleepers, but sleepers of all types can experience improved sleep quality with the bonmedico Comfort Pillow. The memory foam pillows cradle and stabilise your head and neck for an optimal sleeping position. In this way our orthopaedic pillows help to relieve tension in neck and shoulder muscles and support the cervical spine for a more restful and relaxing sleep.

✔ HIGH-TECH: The orthopaedic pillow itself is made of a viscoelastic gel foam (memory foam), which cradles the head and neck and supports the cervical vertebrae to relieve tension in the cervical spine. The orthopedic memory foam pillow features special ventilation channels to prevent heat build-up and keep your pillow comfortably cool. The pillow case is antiallergic. The neck support cushion has an antibacterial pillow cover that keeps the pillow free of dust mites.

✔ COMFORTABLE: The hypoallergenic pillow not only cushions the head but also conforms to your neck and shoulder area and enable you to have a good night’s rest. The orthopaedic memory foam pillow is the best way to eliminate head and neck pain so that you can enjoy restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.