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stomach positioning pillow / foam / memory / butterfly



  • Type:

    stomach positioning

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    memory, butterfly


✔ ORTHOPAEDIC COMFORT: The memory foam pillow for side sleepers is designed to prevent as well as relieve neck pain for both side and stomach sleepers. It has an arm recess and allows for perfect alignment of your head and neck, relieving tension in your neck muscles as well as preventing snoring. The stomach pillow helps with the prevention and relief of back pain.
✔ HIGH-TECH DESIGN: These high-tech bed pillows that are made out of memory foam and spring back to their original form after use are a must have for a good night’s sleep. The pillow covers have a built-in air weave on the side to ensure that the stomach sleeper pillows are adequately aired and 100% breathable.
✔ PERFECT FIT: The star-shaped snuggledown side sleeper pillow ensures that your body is in a natural position for sleeping. The memory foam filled pillow moulds to the shape of your head and guarantees a perfect distribution of pressure for stomach sleepers. The butterfly orthopaedic pillow has a unique ergonomic design that is further distinguished by an arm recess.
✔ ANTI-ALLERGIC: The pillow covers are made out of anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite 99% polyester 1% elastane fabric. The side sleeper pillow for neck pain is made out of anti-allergic materials and can be recommended for everyone who wants to enjoy peaceful sleep.