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support pillow / pediatric / infant / visco-elastic foam



  • Type:


  • Patient type:

    pediatric, infant

  • Material:

    visco-elastic foam

  • Other characteristics:

    memory, washable


✔ SAFE: 1.) Viscoelastic memory foam filling and integrated head moulding help in the prevention of flat head syndrome. 2.) Breathable pillowcase allows the best possible airflow protection to help prevent SIDS (cot death).

✔ NON-TOXIC: 100% baby-friendly materials. Filling consists of high-quality viscoelastic memory foam, cover made of cotton.

✔ COMFORTABLE: The Guardian Baby Pillow evenly distributes pressure and reduces pressure points, correcting head position to allow your baby to sleep safely and comfortably.

✔ FLEXIBLE / EASY TO USE: The Guardian Baby Pillow is also recommended for use in the pram or pushchair, bassinet, cot, or nappy changing table.