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servo-driven packaging system / floor-standing / horizontal / flow-pack
Sigpack HCUL



  • Operational mode:


  • Type:

    floor-standing, horizontal, flow-pack

  • Application domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:




Robust, fully servo-driven, permanently lubricated machine, with cast metal housing; specifically designed for multi-shift operation. Complete separation between components to be packaged and packaging materials from HCUL’s drive elements provides easy access from both sides of the machine. It enables: high availability during production, easy maintenance during down time

The machine is available in both, left and right hand versions, and its modular design makes it easily adaptable to client's specific requirements.

Package style

Hermetically sealed flow packs. Cross-seam: fluted, with linear, zigzag or custom cut. Length-seam: fluted.
Options for:MAP (modified atmosphere), On-line printing and/or labeling, Desiccant and/or O2 scavenger placement, Bottom cardboard or plastic tray holder.
Utilizing Sigpack HCx platform that already addresses Child-resistant and Senior-friendly market needs.

Packaging material

Ultrasonic Sealing technology works well with a large range of available films: Mono-structure or complex laminated structures, Pre-printed or with only the registration mark


The HMI panel on the Sigpack HCUL is mounted on a swivel arm and is horizontally adjustable. Parameter entry buttons, error messages, production statistics, user management and messaging for corrective actions are all displayed on the HMI. For general operation and the most important safety functions, separate mechanical control buttons are attached. As an option, the system is also available with a 21 CFR part 11compliant IPC-control.