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tablet coating system / film / for small-scale production / R&D
XL Lab 02



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    for small-scale production, for tablets, R&D


The Manesty XL Lab 02 provides the perfect link between product development and small scale production.

The XL Lab 02 uses the same design of side vented, fully perforated coating drum, Opticoat spray guns, mixing baffles and our m-tec control system software as our production size coaters. This provides real confidence in transferring successful recipes to production.

Ideal for R&D, clinical trial batches and small scale production, the XL Lab 02 has a range of interchangeable drums between 8 litres and 100 litres. All drums are matched to their own exhaust plenum ensuring highly effective drying without using high drying temperatures.

With the flexible drum sizes available the XL Lab 02 has a choice of low flow or high flow air handling options depending on usage.

Capable of working with aqueous and organic film and sugar solutions, the XL Lab 02 is ideally suited for all tablet coating requirements. With segmented drum technology the efficient coating of pellets and seed API’s is also proven.

High standards of cGMP are assured via means of a welded cabinet and highly polished finishes. Excellent access via front and side doors enable rapid and effective cleaning and inspection. Inflatable seals are standard.