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tablet press / double-layer / single layer / triple-layer



  • Applications:

    for tablets

  • Other characteristics:

    double-layer, single layer, triple-layer


The FlexiTab provides tablet development formulators with a very versatile single punch tablet press. The FlexiTab is capable of manufacturing single, 2 layer and even 3 layer tablets. Adjustable force and dwell time profiles can be created to aid the assessment of powder characteristics at their early stage of development. A key advantage is the ability to use standard TSM/Euro B/D punches and dies, although certain other punch types can also be accommodated. The measurement of punch displacement is a valuable option to measure the compressibility of the formulation.

An optional data acquisition DAQ4 package provides a range of graphical displays, recording of data and the capability to export this data for further study.

With the FlexiTab punches and dies can be easily exchanged without the need to remove feeders or hoppers – a great benefit when using the same powder but with different size and/or shape of punches and dies.