2 sections treatment chair / height-adjustable



  • Number of sections:

    2 sections

  • Other characteristics:



The DENTA-CHAIR 303, from BPR SWISS, is the most comfortable portable chair. This versatile and complete dental chair offers all the comfort which professional dental treatment requires. The DENTA-CHAIR 303 is a “one-piece” construction with integrated wheels and telescopic handle for easy moving. The perfect dental patient chair for mobile dentistry. The DENTA-CHAIR 303 is set up or stowed away in less than 30 seconds. It comes with the following features: 1) The smart system of DENTA-CHAIR 303 allows setting up or stow away the chair within 30 seconds, 2) Moving like a trolley: After folding, the chair can be easily pulled with the telescopic handle, 3) Comfortable upholstery with premium covering. Available in a lot of different colors, 4) The smooth backrest adjustment is stepless and synchronous with the automatic legrest adjustment, and 5) Double articulated headrest adjustment.