TMS neuronavigation system

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TMS neuronavigation system TMS neuronavigation system - Brainsight®


for MRI-based and model-based frameless stereotactic neuronavigation
Intuitive yet flexible project workflow
Universal MRI and overlay compatibility
Universal TMS compatibility
Record data with every TMS pulse, including coil location and orientation, target information, MEP, EEG, and fNIRS

Brainsight TMS navigation system is a revolutionary product used in over 500 laboratories worldwide. It enables a TMS coil to be positioned over a specified target location based upon an individual’s MRI image, MRI generated 3D curvilinear reconstruction of the brain, or MNI average head model brain. The system’s features are ideal for target selection and coil positioning in single pulse TMS, paired pulse TMS, repetitive TMS, and quadri pulse stimulation (QPS) studies.

Targets for stimulation can be identified by manually selecting and highlighting the desired structure or location or by combining MRI images with areas of activity highlighted with fMRI, EEG or NIRS. Brainsight provides feedback on coil position and coil orientation (trajectory: pitch, tilt, and yaw) with respect to these predefined targets, critical in accurately repositioning the coil across multiple sessions.

Brainsight can also digitise the position of EEG electrodes for use in subsequent analyses. Brainsight can load sequences files, such as those used by BESA, to digitise electrodes in a particular order and digitise head shape to enable the co-registration of EEG electrode and MRI coordinate spaces.