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CryoPod™ LN2

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automatic filling machine automatic filling machine - CryoPod™ LN2


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CryoPod™ LN2 Filling Station
Safe, simple, precise, hands-free LN2 filling — the automatic filling station enables fast and simple replenishing of the CryoPod’s LN2 supply.
The CryoPod filling station enables single-button, hands-free, LN2 filling of the CryoPod carrier. It can connect to existing LN2 supply, either portable dewar or bulk LN2 supply lines.

The filling station recharges the CryoPod in less than 10 minutes and will keep the CryoPod charged for on-demand, immediate use. The user simply loads the CryoPod, shuts the door, and presses “start.” The user is removed from any LN2 exposure or contact with dangerously cold surfaces. A CryoPod can even be recharged before it warms up, as the filling station monitors LN2 levels throughout the charging process to ensure a precise fill.
Completely remove yourself from the risks associated with manual LN2 handling and use the automatic filling station to effortlessly and safely charge the CryoPod carrier.

Key Features
Safe: the user has no contact with LN2 or dangerously cold surfaces
Simple: single push button operation, walk away until ready
Precise: exactly fills the CryoPod carrier for maximum hold time
Fast: charges the carrier in 10 minutes or less
Flexible: Keeps CryoPod below -150° C by recharging before it warms
Installable: can connect to existing LN2 supply