laboratory reservoir microplate / 96-well

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laboratory reservoir microplate / 96-well laboratory reservoir microplate / 96-well - CoolSink®


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CoolSink® Reservoir and Plate Module
CoolSink® plate modules maintain temperature through direct contact with ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or other common laboratory temperature sources. Use CoolSink modules for cooling, snap-freezing or heating/thawing samples. It's precision-engineered "direct contact" stage design virtually eliminates the insulating air gap found between the bottom of the plate wells and the temperature source, ensuring well-to-well temperature consistency.

CoolSink® thermo-conductive reservoir and plate modules provide uniform temperature to all wells, regardless of position. When placed onto a temperature source such as ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, or water baths, the modules will rapidly adapt to that temperature — from -196°C to >+100°C. CoolSink modules ensure temperature sample uniformity when cooling, snap freezing, heating, or thawing samples. They may be autoclaved, high-heat sterilized or decontaminated with alcohol or other lab detergents.

An SBS-footprint on some plate modules are ideal for benchtop cooling or heating, then quick transfer to automated platforms for approximately 10 to 20 minutes of further temperature processing. CoolSink modules are useful for all benchtop procedures such as enzyme reactions, glycerol stocks, FACS staining and analysis in the same plate, RNA and protein isolation, and dilution assays. The plate modules can also be used in ice-free CoolBox™ XT workstations.