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Mercedes-Benz V-Class



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The Brotherwood® ‘Klastar’ Mercedes-Benz V-Class conversion is designed and engineered from the ground up at our manufacturing facility in Dorset, England, to be the ultimate Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

The Klastar conversion is unique in it’s development, handbuilt and finished by a select team of our most experienced engineers; ensuring a quality of finish and craftsmanship a class above any other Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

At the heart of the Brotherwood® Klastar conversion is a perfectly level, lowered floor. This unique Brotherwood® design offers numerous benefits for the wheelchair user. By lowering the floor, the visibility for the wheelchair user out of the windscreen and side windows is greatly increased, making every journey more enjoyable. More headroom is also generated; creating a comfortable, spacious cabin ideal for taller wheelchair users. The centre of gravity for the wheelchair user is also reduced, which considerably reduces the sensation of body roll as the vehicle leans from side to side.