micro X-ray CT preclinical tomography system / for tissue samples



  • System type:

    micro X-ray CT

  • Application:

    for tissue samples


This scanner uses an x-ray source with adjustable voltage and a range of filters for versatile adaptation to different object densities. A sensitive 1.3 megapixel x-ray camera allows scanning of your whole sample volume in several minutes. Variable magnification (6-30 µm pixel size) is combined with object positioning for easy selection of the object part to be scanned. The scanner can run from any desktop or portable computer, requiring just one USB (or serial) port and a FireWire (IEEE1394) input. The full range of SkyScan software is supplied, including fast volumetric reconstruction, software for 2D/ 3D quantitative analysis and for realistic 3D visualization.

50kV maintenance-free X-ray source
Cooled 1.3 megapixel x-ray camera
Down to 6µm 3D spatial resolution
Scanning during compression, tension, cooling
2D/3D image analysis and realistic visualization