verification software / for NMR spectrometry / for mass spectrometry



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    for NMR spectrometry, for mass spectrometry


Fully integrated HRAM-MS and NMR data for unrivalled structure verification
This ground-breaking software package allows users to easily integrate high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry (MS) and complementary NMR data. The result is significantly increased specificity for structure verification of small organic molecules.

The complex algorithms and logic required to deliver this improved performance have been built in to Bruker FUSION-SV’s streamlined workflow and user-friendly interface. The complete data interpretation requires minimal interaction; the chemist is guided straight to a meaningful and clearly understandable report. In addition, the software also provides an individual configurable ‘workbench’ for further inspection and interpretation of results. Bruker FUSION-SV is tailored to the needs of the chemist and is ideal for both academic and industrial laboratories, proving particularly useful for synthetic chemists in the pharmaceutical industry.