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The HYPERION is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience in FT-IR microscopy. Its high-quality design, including all optical, mechanical, and electronic components, provides high stability and reliability. Featuring many contrast enhancement tools, a wide variety of dedicated objectives, and chemical imaging, the HYPERION enables you to conduct the most sensitive microanalysis easily and efficiently. With its modular design, the HYPERION can be customized to the specific requirements of each application. Its field of use is extremely broad and includes materials research, polymers, chemicals, forensics, art conservation, and life sciences.

The HYPERION is controlled by the OPUS software: an easy-to-use, powerful, all-in-one spectroscopy software. It includes the most comprehensive collection of data acquisition, processing, and evaluation functions. The software user interface can be customized for routine laboratory analysis as well as advanced R&D applications.

All resultant spectra, visual images, IR images, RGB and PCA plots, and annotations are stored within one file to ensure data integrity and make data manipulation straightforward.

Data acquisition using the HYPERION is very easy to accomplish, as it is guided by attractive wizards (OPUS 7.0). Many univariate and multivariate algorithms are implemented in OPUS to extract the relevant information out of the measured single or 3D data. Resulting IR images can be displayed in different 2D and 3D perspectives on top or beside the visible image.