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CryoSAS: Cryogenic Silicon Analysis System
The Bruker Optics` Cryogenic Silicon Analysis System (CryoSAS) is a dedicated all-in-one system for the low temperature (<15K) impurity analysis of Silicon. CryoSAS is optimized for operation in the industrial environment.

CryoSAS combines Bruker's high performance FTIR spectrometers with built-in, closed-cycle cryo-cooling technique that does not require any liquid Helium. All CryoSAS components are state-of-the-art, yet utilize proven technologies to accomplish a difficult analysis in the demanding silicon production environment. CryoSAS can be operated at a high level of automation including accurate reporting of the analysis results.

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Features include:

High sensitivity:
CryoSAS analyzes shallow impurities (e.g. Boron, Phosphorous etc.) down to the low ppta level according to the ASTM/SEMI MF1630 standard. Furthermore it simultaneously analyzes Carbon and Oxygen down to the low ppba level according to the ASTM/SEMI MF1391 standard.

Closed-cycle cryogenic refrigeration system: no expensive liquid cryogens needed
Highly reliable closed cycle cryo-cooling system for detector and sample chamber cooling. Compared to a liquid Helium cooled refrigeration system, the closed cycle system can save 50,000 € operation costs per year and even more.