FT-IR spectrometer / for water analysis

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FT-IR spectrometer / for water analysis FT-IR spectrometer / for water analysis - CONFOCHECK series


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    for water analysis


The CONFOCHECK is a dedicated FTIR system for the investigation of proteins in water. Its specific configuration facilitates a fast data acquisition (ca. 30 sec. per sample) with a high sample throughput controlled by an extremely user-friendly software interface.
FTIR Protein Applications
Protein quantification
Detection of conformational changes
Protein dynamics (temperature induced conformational changes)
Monitoring of conformational changes during protein aggregation, precipitation and crystallization
Determination of the secondary structure
Quantification of all kind of solutes in aqueous samples (buffers, excipients, detergents)
Typical Applications in Pharma:
Pre-formulation and formulation development: Analysis of the influence of the formulation on protein stability
Stability studies (stress tests): Influence of pH, temperature, mutation, etc. on the protein stability
Quality control: Check of protein concentration, structure on correct product composition (buffer, excipients) in production environment
Binding studies: Analysis of the impact of ligand-binding on the protein structure
The AquaSpecTM is used for the measurement of water soluble proteins or solubilised membrane-bound proteins.