FT-NIR spectrometer / for the pharmaceutical industry
TANDEM On-line PAT Tool



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    for the pharmaceutical industry


TANDEM is a fully automatic on-line PAT tool that allows the collection of process data and control the tablet compression process. The system provides both physical and chemical characteristics of pharmaceutical tablets.


• Provides tablet physical properties (weight, thickness, diameter, hardness)
• Content uniformity analysis; simultaneous quantification of multiple components, such as APIs and moisture content
• Full validation with IQ/OQ/PQ documentation and USP/EP protocols

Traditionally, content uniformity analysis has been performed off-line by liquid chromatography. This time-consuming and operator-intensive process requires a manual collection of sample tablets at regular intervals during a batch and a consecutive laboratory analysis. Near-infrared transmission spectroscopy has proven to be a reliable, rapid and non-destructive alternative for routine tablet content uniformity testing along with moisture and excipient analysis.The TANDEM is the leading technology available on the market for FDA-approved real-time release (RTR).