Raman spectrometer / for the pharmaceutical industry / with touchscreen / WiFi



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    for the pharmaceutical industry

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    with touchscreen, WiFi, hand-held


Outstanding performance and design, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) supported by a large touch screen - BRAVO is the dedicated handheld Raman solution that speeds up your raw materials identification at a maximum.

• SSE™ - Patented fluorescence mitigation
• Duo LASER™ excitation
• IntelliTip™ - Automated measuring tip recognition
• Intuitive and guided touch screen operation
• Automated batch scan reporting
• Inbuilt wavenumber calibration
• Robust and precise optics
• Wireless data exchange
• Complies with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

BRAVO gives the ability for raw material verification by Raman spectroscopy into everybody’s hands. Be guided straightforward through a reasoned workflow while simply touching icons on a large touch screen. Additionally, the user interface will support you in 17 different languages in parallel.SSETM - Patented Fluorescence Mitigation
In many cases raw material verification by Raman spectroscopy is prevented due to fluorescence. BRAVO uses SSETM (Sequentially Shifted Excitation) a patented fluorescence mitigation that enables to measure a much wider range of raw materials with handheld Raman systems than ever before.

Duo LASERTM Excitation
The Duo LASERTM excitation provides highest sensitivity across the entire spectral range and hence guarantees for maximum unambiguous verification.