FT-IR spectrometer / for research

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FT-IR spectrometer / for research FT-IR spectrometer / for research - INVENIO
  • FT-IR spectrometer / for research


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    for research


INVENIO is the definitive spectroscopic solution for routine FTIR analysis as well as research and development. It is all you need and so much more: innovative technologies, intelligent design and its new beam path contribute to an unrivalled user experience.

Your advantages:
• Outstanding signal-to-noise ratio
• Touch-PC with dedicated software for enhanced productivity
• Transit™: parallel availability of two experimental setups
• Broad spectral range (FIR, MIR, NIR and VIS/UV)
• Time-resolved spectroscopy: use Rapid-Scan, Slow-Scan and Step-Scan
• MultiTect™: up to seven automated and software controlled internal detectors
• RockSolid™ Interferometer: reliable, well-proven and precise
• INTEGRAL™ Interferometer: patented, wear-free, incl. 3x beam splitter changer
• CenterGlow™ IR source: optimized light flux and durability
• Bruker FM: MIR and FIR spectra in one go
• Upgradability: retrofit spectral range extensions or time resolved measurements
• Multiple beam inputs and outputs
• Compact footprint optimized for laboratory benches