podiatry workstation / on casters



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    on casters


Conceived and designed for podiatry, Aliseo enables to have everything at hand: tools, controls, lamp, drawers.

The instruments board can be complemented with a wide range of instruments:3-way syringe, electric micromotor Bien Air GT; brushless micro motors with spray and integrated suction; turbines (with and without fiber optics).

The version of ALISEO with brushless micro motor does not need air supply, as an integrated medical compressor provides the unit with the necessary compressed air to obtain the spray. The medical cabinet is equipped with a cushioning system for quite closing of the drawers, completed by internal trays.
A wide range of colors (combined with the range of BTC chairs and upholstery) enables to customize the color of the handles and the glass surface, in order to create an elegant and harmonious working environment.