ENT surgery laser / gynecological surgery / dermatology / biostimulation



  • Applications:

    ENT surgery, gynecological surgery, dermatology, biostimulation

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:



The BTL-5110 1-Channel Laser provides cost-effective low-level laser treatments, recommended for use in various medical fields such as rehabilitation, dermatology, gynecology, ENT, sports medicine, etc.

It comes with a large touch screen with a color frame option that helps clinicians to easily navigate its features and its wide selection of probes including red probes of 685nm wavelength, BTL laser probes of up to 400mW for superficial and deep tissue layers, and high-powered BTL laser clusters (up to 1800mW). It has 2 outputs that allow for simultaneous connection of a red and infrared probe or a probe and laser cluster to improve treatment efficiency.

It also has a built-in therapeutic encyclopaedia, a patient database, and menu options for identification of connected probes and clusters, identification of accessories, and maintenance check.

The BTL-5110 unit can be later upgraded with the Unique Modular System ™.