positioning sheet / transfer / sliding / for people with reduced mobility
34 70 000



  • Type:

    positioning, transfer

  • Other characteristics:

    sliding, for people with reduced mobility


The VACUFORM 2.0 surgical sheet is equipped with 8 handles for turning and repositioning the patient. It offers outstanding service including durability, silky comfort and a long service life. The material consists of three layers:

Soft velour surface.
Extremely absorbable Triton™ layer which absorbs up to 1.25 l liquid per m2.
A liquid barrier layer to protect the surgical mattress and operating table.

The composition of fibres used effectively prevents re-wetting so that the VACUFORM 2.0 surgical sheet feels dry practically all the time.

VACUFORM 2.0 surgical sheet
Art.-No. 34 70 000
Size: 80 x 220 cm