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vibrating mesh nebulizer / with mask / pediatric

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vibrating mesh nebulizer vibrating mesh nebulizer - TH-135


  • Type:

    vibrating mesh

  • Other characteristics:

    with mask, pediatric


Innovative mesh spraying technology
Designed for a complete range of drugs for nebulizers and ensures user comfort

Average particle size ˂5.0 μm
Effective therapy for the lower respiratory tract

Noiseless operation
Allows inhalation even during sleep; does not attract unnecessary attention when traveling or in public.

Lightweight and compact nebulizer easy to travel with. Device weight without batteries is only 137 g, dimensions (45 х 54 х 122) mm.

Complete list of drugs
Mesh spraying technology does not waste medicine and is compatible with all inhaled drugs, including mucolytics, antibiotics, and hormonal drugs

Saves drugs
TH-135 precisely doses medications, making them waste-free. Even a small volume of medication is sufficient for efficient inhalation, and the residual drug volume is just 0.15 mL.

Easy care
Medical cup is reliable and easy to maintain

Medical cup can be boiled
Medical cup can be boiled up to 4 min to disinfect the membrane and clean drug residue.

Automatic turn-off
The device turns off automatically if there is no drug in the medical cup, or after running for 20 min.

Power supply from batteries or mains adapter
The device can operate on 2 AA batteries or from a mains adapter, which can be purchased separately.

Conforms to standards
Nebulizer medical efficiency conforms to European standard EN13544 for nebulizers

TH-135 is the best nebulizer for small children. The inhalation is both efficient and comfortable. The noiseless spray will not disturb a sleeping baby, and the possibility to operate at an angle of up to 45° allows to perform inhalation during sleep.

Mesh spraying is the most up-to-date, innovative technology.