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medical records cabinet / doctor's office / with drawer



  • Use:

    medical records

  • Facility:

    doctor's office

  • Features:

    with drawer


Solid, adaptable and attractive.
Top-notch design is crucial - but it isn’t the be all and end all. Virtues such as speed, accuracy, flexibility, load-bearing capacity and resilience are needed in the tough day-today office environment. And Asisto drawer cabinets from C+P have been produced with these qualities in mind.

Want to find what you are looking for quickly? Do you need variable interior fittings? Is convenient operation important to you? And do you need your fittings to retain this convenience for years to come – even with heavy workloads?

Then Asisto drawer cabinets are the right choice for you and there is no need for you to make any compromises because these resilient organisational wizards are the next generation in the slimline, highly elegant line of the full Asisto series. Skilful use is made of a fascinating material: steel.