respiratory muscles exerciser



  • Type of muscle:

    respiratory muscles


Pulmovol is indicated in the prevention of postoperative respiratory complications and in patients with prescription to do imt therapy . Pulmovol is a range of volumetric respiratory exercisers utilized to encourage smi through inspiration in patients with respiratory pathologies or difficulties.

Fully dismountable for cleaning operations, mouthpiece, breath filter and tube can be replaced. Visual indicators for the therapist to set targets and for the patients to indicate achieved results. Pulmovol 50 indicated for adults, it has a light scale ranging from 300cc to 5000cc.

Available in two distinct congurations with 5000cc and 2500cc capacity. Used to boost the strength of respiratory muscles providing progress in the respiratory functional parameters, pulmovol incorporates visual indicators of performance in order to encourage the therapist in coaching the patient to optimal performance.