battery-operated surgical suction pump / for liposuction / for gynecology / dental



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for liposuction, for gynecology, dental, for biological liquids

  • Patient type:


  • Configuration:

    on casters


HOSPIVAC BR has been designed for professional aspiration of bodily fluids, tissues or bones of the patient during or after surgery. The oiless pump guarantees high performances with excellent suction capacities and fast max vacuum build-up, with no need maintenance. A clear dashboard along with a full range of accessories makes it the ideal device for surgical suction and liposuction. For environments where a battery back up is required, HOSPIVAC BR is the unique solution for surgeons and professionals, providing high performances along with the internal rechargeable battery. With the Energy-Saving function, a pressure sensor placed in the PCB reduces by 50% the speed of the motor when the unit is on and no aspiration is taking place. This extends the autonomy of the battery and reduces the noise level.