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Skin tumors and related problems
Skin tumors are the most frequent cancer in fair skinned population with a raising trend all over the world. Early diagnosis and prompt surgical excision give the best chance to care and save the patient’s life, but, unfortunately, the financial costs of skin cancer are high for both the patients and the society as a whole. The probability of survival is high, but the diagnosis accuracy remains sub-optimal and a high number of many unnecessary excisions are paid for improving early recognition.
The IRSkin solution
IRSkin aims to provide dermatologists and dermoscopy expert clinicians with a visual support in the diagnostic phase, based on a Content Based Image Retrieval System.
For retrieving skin lesion images, IRSkin will be the first video-dermatoscope with a pre-installed database of dermoscopic images, histologically diagnosed by highly experienced Research Centres, well known and respected in the dermatologic community.

Main features of IRSkin

PC of the latest generation

Dual medical HD monitor (22" or 24") with 1920x1200 resolution

10 Mpx Camera with a magnification up to 100x and accessories

Database of acquired dermoscopic images (user-DB) managed by MySQL

Database of histologically diagnosed dermoscopic images (IRSkin Database) managed by MySQL, with protected data

Dedicated high-tech software for acquisition, analysis, data management and retrieval functions

Wireless camera for Total body scan

3 different automatically generated PDF for Medical Reports