plastic laser marker / metal bonding



  • Applications:

    for plastics, metal bonding


FL+ LogoPrecise, fast, economic – cab fiber lasers

Performance and quality of a marking mainly relies on the output power and the laser beam‘s focusing. cab marking lasers FL+ are diode-pumped, air-cooled and offer highest beam quality and pulse peak power. An output power of the laser source of 10 up to 50 Watt is available.

Different plano-spherical lenses allow the lasers to mark in a field of 69x69 up to 290x290 mm. The lasers are used to mark on plastic, metal and color-coated surfaces.

The marking lasers FL+ consist of two fiber coupled functional modules: The scan head and the control unit with integrated laser source. The scan head may be assembled in each installation position. Control unit with integrated laser source is available in two different designs.

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