X-ray radiation shielding screen / ceiling-mounted / with window / with surgical lamp



  • Ionizing radiation:


  • Ergonomics:


  • Features:

    with window, with surgical lamp


X – ray hanging protections:

For eyes and thyroid protection to be used in Angiography, urology, dpts etc.
Provided with a celling support by a mobile arm (lenght cm 80 ) articled and balanced (it can turn 325 deg.) and by a further arm (length cm 80) m oving up and down 50 deg.(it can turn 360 deg)
This item has at the lowest extremity a frame with glass X-ray Pb mm 0.50 2.0 50 x 40 cm , and one little apron X- ray Pb mm 0.50 ( it can turn 360 degree)
Prepared for heights floor / ceiling Mt from 2.70 mt to 3.00, to be specified at time of order