veterinary syringe pump / 1-channel
Vet Pro SP 3000™

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veterinary syringe pump veterinary syringe pump - Vet Pro SP 3000™


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Features & Benefits

​Automatic Syringe Detection

Automatically detects the vsyringe brand
using 3 independent sensor system.

Unique algorithm detects your drugs
volume to reduce dosing errors.

​Multi-Program Infusion
Deliver continuous infusion in:
• Lock ON
• Lock OFF
• Rate Mode

​Programmable Flow Rates
0.1 - 650 ml/h range to meet your every

​Programmable Infusion Time
Instead of rate, you can select from 10
minutes to 100 hours infusion time.
The Vet Pro SP 3000™ automatically calculates flow rate for you.

​Programmable KVO Rate
0 – 2 ml/h range.