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line-type packaging system / form-fill-seal / for the medical industry / high-speed



  • Type:

    line-type, form-fill-seal

  • Application domain:

    for the medical industry

  • Other characteristics:



Beside reduced footprint and flexibility, the end user can benefit of an easy format change, once again possible thanks to the high level of cooperation of the suppliers.

Like a good product is a perfect match of several ingredients, so, for a high performing end of line system it’s important to have a perfect synchronization of the machines involved into the project.
The recently installed complete line for mini-choco tablets packaging is a clear example of CAMA synergy: the two Companies proved one more time their capability to provide perfectly integrated packaging systems.

The line is composed by two twin legs, each one composed by a high speed flowpack machine running up to 650 ppm, a star wheel product turning device, a Cama Tray forming machine and a 2 axis robot for the flowpacked wafer top loading.
The 2 legs end up in a common “chimney” type lidding machine.

This is a perfect example of a high efficiency turnkey system: tailor made industrial technology.