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endoscope washer-disinfector / reprocessing / benchtop / double-basin

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endoscope washer-disinfector endoscope washer-disinfector - DSD EDGE®


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    endoscope, reprocessing

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The MEDIVATORS® DSD EDGE® features two fully-independent and asynchronous reprocessing basins designed for use in busy endoscopy facilities. The MEDIVATORS DSD EDGE provides the fastest endoscope turn-around time with a reprocessing cycle as short as 25 minutes. Improving endoscope throughput allows additional patient procedures to be scheduled which can reduce endoscope inventory, decreases the number of AERs needed, and result in increased facility revenue. The MEDIVATORS DSD EDGE uses Rapicide PA high-level disinfectant, a single-use, environmentally friendly peracetic acid. Rapicide PA has a low disinfectant temperature which eliminates endoscope cool down time, and assures endoscope compatibility for reduced endoscope repair costs. Additional MEDIVATORS DSD EDGE features include: automated endoscope leak testing, a user-selectable wash cycle for endoscope cleaning, automatic alcohol purge and air drying of endoscope channels, and an optional data management system for electronic cycle tracking and record keeping. A three-stage water pre-filtration system reduces particulate matter and provides certified bacteria-free water for endoscope rinsing. The MEDIVATORS DSD EDGE includes printer, water pre-filtration system, built-in air compressors, and one set of air and water filters.

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