PCR sample tube / cone-bottom / polypropylene / sterile



  • Applications:

    for PCR

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Capp offers thin-walled PCR tubes that are designed to fit the majority of commonly used thermocyclers. The V-shape bottom of Expell PCR tubes allows total sample recovery and the thin-walled wells of polypropylene allow a very good transmission of temperature, minimizing condensation. All Capp Expell PCR tubes are DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase, Pyrogen free, sterile and autoclavable. In terms of evaporation, the loss of PCR volume with Expell sterile PCR tubes is less than 3%. Specially polished interior prevents from adhesion of most proteins. Expell sterile PCR tubes are available as 0.2 mL tubes, suitable for standard PCR/qPCR thermocyclers that require regular profile tubes, and as 0.1 mL tubes for the use in fast PCR/qPCR thermocyclers, requiring low profile tubes.