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capsule counting machine / manual
CN series



  • Applications:

    for capsules

  • Operational mode:



CN-50MC/100MC capsule counter, used for counting different kinds of capsules, can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, hospitals, scientific research units, lab trial production and small batch production. It is suitable for counting small batch capsules. It utilizes advanced capsule filling technology, which is designed to meet the needs of both occasional and regular uses of small quantities. It can be bottled rapidly. It adopts buffer intact design and could speed up to 30%. We offer you customized service to design your prefer shape.


Insert the counter into the plate that is full of capsules, shake off the capsules into the holes and pour the extra capsules.

It is of high performance, capable of accurate counting of capsules of varied sizes, as well as filling bottles and plastic bags of different sizes.

Customized design service is also provided.