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vibrating sifting machine / for the pharmaceutical industry / bench-top / digital



  • Motion type:


  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Configuration:


  • Display:


  • Other characteristics:

    for powders

  • Speed:

    1,400 rpm (8,796.5 rad.min-1)


The machine is a small and light-weight laboratory separator capable of separating up to 5 classes (4 screens), it is widerly used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It is the ideal equipment that is used to sift the materials such as granule, particle, slice, flake and powder.
It works with no vibration of bottom machine body stand, low noise and energy consumption, no dust flying, high efficiency and it is convenient to carry, clean and maintain.


Capable of holding up to 5 frames (4 screens) with the standard setup.

Mesh of the screen is changeable according to requests.

Quiet and low maintenance.

All contact parts in stainless steel SS316L.

Place the machine on a flat and sturdy surface so it will run smoothly and efficiently. To keep the user in safe, power must be grounding connected.