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sealing machine for the pharmaceutical industry / continuous
FR-900V, FR-900



  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Technology:



FR series continuous film sealing machines finish continuous carrying, sealing and printing in one operation.Suitable for small-bag packaging, this continuous band sealer uses an electronic constant temperature control system and a stepless speed adjusting transmission mechanism.
This machine can handle various types of plastics and includes an embosser to imprint your expiration date, etc, save labor and improve efficiency.
It can seal plastic film in various kinds of materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene & polyolefine, etc.
The machine offers vertical or horizontal configuration. Horizontally model is usually used for dry food while vertical model is used from liquid sealing.


Sealing belts are oriented horizontally to allow for easy access and high throughput

Max loading weight of 3 KGS is ideal for most consumer good.

Sealing speed and temperature adjustable with film thickness to ensure sealing quality.

Electronic constant temperature mechanism.

Stepless speed regulating transmission motor.

Flexible height and wide changed with packet size.

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