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powder filler / semi-automatic / mobile / for pharmaceutical applications



  • Operational mode:


  • Type:


  • Product applications:

    for powders

  • Application domain:

    for pharmaceutical applications


BFZZ serial semi-automatic powder & particle filling measure the design and manufacture which is filled with the packer and adopt the advanced science and hi-tech in our glory.
Its main characteristic: with fine qualities, high efficiency, the appearance is esthetic. Adopt the advanced microelectronics and control, pack the pace and can all be set up automatically and intelligently according to different thickness articles.
Finish packing the powder & particle. Suitable for packing less than of various 100 mesh and having powder as tea, coffee, rice, beans, stained with sticks, particle supplies.


New system computer board.

Custom adapted more durable and stable convenient, advanced technology, more reliable, mature and professional technology

Suitable for items: Fine powder; Flour, milk powder, plaster, chemical powder, powder, coffee powder, powder, coarse powder, granule, tieguanyin, medicinal herbs, seeds, food, sesame seeds, grain crops, Chinese wolfberry, rice, gourmet powder, salt, spices, beans, chemical components, electronic components, hardware components