hospital bed mattress overlay / alternating pressure / with air pump / anti-decubitus
CuroCell® A4 OP10



  • Applications:

    for hospital beds

  • Technology:

    alternating pressure

  • Other characteristics:

    anti-decubitus, with air pump


A fully automatic and flexible
alternating pressure mattress overlay system with integrated heel function
The CuroCell® A4 OP10 provides simplicity together with
user comfort while effectively aiding in the prevention and
treatment of pressure ulcers/pressure injuries up to and
including category 4, and unclassified pressure ulcers.
It is designed for simplicity and provides features for
excellent user comfort, reduction of shear forces and
improvement of the microclimate.

The CuroCell® A4 OP10 mattress system includes an
intelligent pump with a user-friendly interface. It is fully
automatic without need for manual settings. The system
identifies the user and automatically manages all settings
to optimise the pressure according to the user’s needs.

All mattresses are supplied with a four way stretch hygienic cover which meets standards for hygiene(3), quality andsafety. All covers are manufactured from modern, recyclable materials and are vapour permeable(4), which reduce the risk of skin maceration.